Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pierre Le Fou, I apologize- I slept through you.

We fought over sushi, viewed fashions of Downtown LA, raged the road in heated argument over actors and their reputations (also discussed our own), watched french film (some of us slept), turned spinning tables of tunes till dawn, snapped shots of ourselves against old brick walls, spoke to ourselves about ourselves, met sisters, went on the hunt (for things remaining undisclosed), enjoyed tired talkative alive company in the east of Korea Town, laughed and possibly cried secretly, went for a walk, used the bathroom, drank juice, and left at seven for work at ten. 

(Where true art was born and continues to thrive. THIS is not true art. These are photoshopped digital nothings. THIS is nothing. Bad analogy.)

Reza, Personalized
"Sections Only"
Juice, part 1

Juice, part 2