Friday, February 27, 2009

The Beauty Bar Adventure

Here's a simple yet amazing adventure I've decided to put down for the records:  

Last Wednesday night was definitely one of unexpected pleasure. After my sad excuse for a "temporary license" was rejected at the door of MYHOUSE, Pepe and I decided not to let our energetic spirits be hampered by the unfortunate event. 
After some discussion we decided to stop by Beauty Bar for a beer and some fancy footwork. Although finding our way to the bar included the early spring chill and a few sidewalk-blocks, we made it to our destination with my flimsy temporary license in tow (and yes, because this particular door man did not have some ridiculous objective to prove that night, it passed). 

After ordering two Stella's (our usual choice) we were not-so-politely surprised to find the DJ spinning a rather uneducated selection of Hip-Hop tunes, along with a oddly assorted crowd to boot. We did not let this deter us however, opting 
to keep to ourselves at the end of the bar, which ended up being the best move, because we soon realized a scattered wad of cash lying near Pepe's feet. 
Quite a score I might add, a total of $53 in all, which was later used in aiding my addiction to steeply-priced high fashion magazines (Free V Magazine and i-D for me BITCH!). 

After holding each other in the back room and discussing certain annoyances and pleasures in our lines of work, as well as spending some time admiring the beautician displays that become Beauty Bar and the strangely clad crowd, we finally bowed out. We then purchased my beloved magazines (as well as one for my Pepe) and headed home. Hand in hand we past the tasteless lingerie store we had eyed earlier (a previous purchase plan that was foiled by the store being closed), posed against a fabulously pink wall off of Cahuenga and made a quick spot at McDonald's for some soft serve goodness and french fries. 

In the car we jammed along to my new musical obsession, "Melt Down the Knives" by Sin Fang Bous and a few tunes by everyone's old favorite, Crystal Castles. Finally after a few more occurrences of debauchery not to be unveiled at this time, we made it home. And after sipping some cold red wine that created a few twisted faces on both our parts, we slipped under the covers... 

THE END (for now)
...Maybe you just had to be there. 

In this note:

296 On The Cover: i-D Magazine, February 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009


To say that I love you would be an act of terrible injustice. 
There are no words to properly describe the fervent pain with which I feel for you. 

a walk in the garden

The loves of my life: Nature, Photography, and Pepe. 

oh, girl

the use of color

Frank Stella = Love. Obviously.